Kettlebell Express! RELOADED


How would you like 100 different Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Kettlebell Programs?

( That’s Right Not Workouts – Actual Programs )

If your looking for workout programs you can do in less than 30 mins a day. Whether its at home, in the office or on holidays.

Maybe you’ve just bought a kettlebell & aren’t sure how to use it? Maybe your sick of swings, presses & Turkish getups?

If this is you then you’ve come to the right place go and check out our link Kettlebell Express! RELOADED

Kettlebell Express! RELOADED is 100 different, professionally designed 6 – 12 week long single kettlebell programs. Laid out end to end that’s almost 10 years of workout in 1 package.

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About the Author

His name is Geoff Neupert. He has worked in the strength & conditioning/fitness industry since 1993.  An important point for anyone looking to utilize this awesome piece of gym equipment, Geoff has trained his trained his clients how to use kettlebells since January 2002.

He went on to become a RKC Master Kettlebell Instructor. He then later became a StrongFirst Certified Master Instructor also an Education Manager.

He has taught people all over the world how to use kettlebells, ran a online kettlebell instruction and information business from 2009 until 2016.  He has written a variety of books and products on kettlebell training.

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