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How to Become a Big Blogger With All the Trust and Influence You Need to Sell PLR Products


The most important thing you can do to sell more PLR copies will happen long before you actually start making sales. It’s the legwork that you do prior to trying to convince someone to buy that will ultimately determine the likelihood that they’ll make a purchase and that means building trust and authority as an important thought leader in your niche.

In other words, if you already have a huge number of fans who love the work you do and who hang off your every word, then you’ll find it much easier to get them to buy from you in the future.

So how can you get to that point? Here are some important pointers to help guide the way…

Choose a Niche That You’re Passionate About

The first thing you need to do to start building trust and influence, is to pick a niche that you’re absolutely passionate about and that you truly love. This is really important because it is what is going to help you to demonstrate your knowledge. If you pick something you have no interest in, then not only is it going to come across in your lack of true enthusiasm, but you’ll also struggle to bring anything genuinely new or useful to the subject.

Deliver High Quality

From there, you need to ensure that you are delivering consistent quality. Whether you write blog posts or make YouTube videos, your job is to ensure that every single thing that people read from you is truly interesting and engaging. That way, you will set a precedent for yourself so that the assumption will be that all your future work will be as high quality.

Let Them Get to Know You

You don’t have to have a personal brand in order to build trust but it certainly will help. Let your audience feel as though they’re getting to know you and you’ll find that they are more likely consider you almost as a friend. And we trust our friends! Social media is great for this.

Invest in Production Values

Thinking of making your own logo in MS Paint? Think again! A highly polished website with professional looking videos will be much more likely to inspire sales versus something that looks like it was cobbled together in your Mum’s basement. Invest in yourself with some high quality production.

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4 Effective Ways to Get More Email Subscribers

Email today

One of the most invaluable assets for your business is your email list. However, this is only true if it contains subscribers that are eager to listen to what you have to say and who want to buy your products. According to recent research, the average email open rate is only 32 percent, but with an effective strategy and smart planning, you can grow your list and keep your engagement rates higher. Here are four practical ways that you can get more qualified email subscribers.

Craft a More Compelling Offer

The most important and most significant way to increase your subscribers is to make the offer more appealing. While you can change the colors of your buttons, and improve small factors in your email, if you don’t have a proposal that converts, you’re wasting your time and money. You need to focus on giving your target audience what they really want if you want to get more subscribers.

Make the Process as Easy as Possible

The simpler you make your opt-in form, the more likely someone will be willing to subscribe. By removing the name field on your form, you’ll grow your list faster. Every step that you can take to make your opt-in form simpler will help you increase your subscribers and build your audience. The fewer steps you have between a consumer being interested and them signing up will help your list grow.

Encourage Sharing

If you have an email that you think will get a particularly strong reaction from your subscribers, you can encourage them to forward the email to their family and friends. You will need to make sure that you have a way for new people to sign up and ensure that those who get forwarded the email don’t click on the unsubscribe button. As long as you can include details about these two factors in the email, you can ask your current subscribers to forward the email so you can find more like-minded prospects.

Give Users More Control Over the Content

Part of your goal when growing your email list is to make sure that people don’t unsubscribe. If you start to notice an increase in unsubscribes, it might be because people are overwhelmed. To combat this issue, you can offer a light subscription or even different leveled plans. The idea is to try and keep subscribers on your list, even if they aren’t receiving your entire lineup of emails.

If you want to start generating great results with your email, then you need to put in the time and effort to build a great list. These four strategies are a great way to get more email subscribers.

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3 Online Automation Tools To Free Up Your Time

Automation is going to be the way forward for online businesses of the 21st century. Those that automate are going to be the most successful. There is an automation tool for all possible tasks, from email marketing to paid advertising models. The trick is to find the automation tools that fit into your lifestyle and business model. Here are 3 of the better automation tools out there.

#1 – MailChimp

MailChimp is an email management service that can assist in streamlining email campaigns. MailChimp is a favorite email automation tool for startups and digital nomads. It is known for its ease of use and is the biggest email automation tool out there. Email marketing is still a very lucrative business model. This is because while people may change their social medial platforms, they tend to stick with the same email address. So building up an email list is a great way to keep in touch with potential customers over the long term. Even aside from pure email marketing, it is always a good idea to maintain an email list to keep customers regularly engaged. For example, those who are creating a blog will also need to maintain an email list and MailChimp can assist with this activity.

#2 – HootSuite

HootSuite is the perfect platform to automate social media strategies. It can be used to monitor how your business is doing across different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can see how your brand is performing through the simplified HootSuite dashboard. It is also possible to schedule and update posts as well as to create social analytic reports. The ability to schedule posts is a powerful feature that many freelancers and business owners are starting to take advantage of. It can significantly free up time. HootSuite is free for a basic personal subscription, though there are upgraded premium options.

#3 – Hubspot

Hubspot is an inbound marketing and sales automation tool that is extremely popular within the online business community. Marketing and sales is a difficult part of any business enterprise, and Hubspot can help to ease the burden. It comes with a free customer relationship management (CRM) system and is free to use.  It allows for email marketing and automation, lead generation, analytics, meeting scheduling, customer feedback, and ticketing. Hubspot has a massive online community who are very active and this is a very well-regarded automation tool that can streamline marketing campaigns.

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Why You Should Consider Creating an Online Course For Your Business.

There are a wide variety of marketing methods at your disposal, such as blogging, video marketing, email marketing, Amazon FBA, SEO, and more. But an online course can be as profitable as any of them, possibly even more so. And they can be easy to create if you already have an eBook or educational material at hand. There are plenty of valid reasons to consider an online course for your business.

Return on Investment

Online courses can deliver a very impressive return on investment if they are done properly. Once you have the course created and uploaded to a site such as Udemy, then there is not much else to do aside from promoting the product. Ideally, the product will have been promoted before it is released. Online courses can be sold over and over and can deliver an income for years without much additional enhancement. However, it should be noted that creating a course is a little more difficult than it appears at first glance.

They Are Increasing in Popularity

More and more people are turning towards online courses to receive their education compared to other methods. Online courses are far cheaper and often contain a wealth of information that cannot be obtained anywhere else. While the online course niche is becoming saturated, there is still a lack of high-quality courses that deliver original content not available anywhere else. If you can give this to your target audience, then your online course will be a massive success. If you find yourself giving the same advice over and over again, then a course is a good way to streamline your efforts.

Build Authority and Credibility

If you do sell a course effectively, then you will have a built a reputation as an expert in the field. Even if it does not sell that well, creating your own online course is going to be a massive boost to your brand. As your business grows, you will be able to point your customers towards your course.  You can use the course as an upsell or as a downsell with associated products and services. In many ways, it can be like having two separate kinds of business. While there can be considerable work involved in creating an online course for your business it is definitely worth it.